I am going to start this blog tactically. This is important. Get a piece of paper and write this down. “I, {insert your name}, promise to stop telling myself that I was born without confidence. Instead, I will remember it is the journey of life that causes us to lose the confidence we were all born with.”. Stick this on your bathroom mirror and read it to yourself every morning.

I want you to write this down and revisit it because it is incredibly important for those of us on a confidence journey to not self-sabotage with the untruth of our current situations. If we believe that some people are born with natural confidence and that others are born without any at all, we will be less likely to put in the work necessary to find our own confidence. That’s right, reclaiming your confidence is work but it is not impossible. If you believe that you had something and lost it, you are more likely to believe that you can get it back it again. That is the story you must repeat to yourself about confidence because it is the truth for us all. We are taught to question ourselves and other people. We are taught to care what people think and we are told to conform from an early age. Mix these teachings with the insecurity causing interactions of relationships and many of us can’t remember a time when we felt confident. We may confuse introversion, shyness, quietness, and calmness with a lack of confidence. We assume the boisterous public speakers are the most confident people in the world and we, a hot mess of stage fright and social awkwardness.


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