I believe leadership is something we can all accomplish no matter what titles we achieve in our careers and lives. Leadership is a career not a piece of your technical career. To be good at it, one must continue to acquire and master the skills of leadership. One of the most unfortunate occurrences I encounter in my professional life is that companies and people do not invest the same amount of time in the technical skills needed for leadership as they do the technical skills they need to do a functional job. It’s ironic considering when you are leading others, you are responsible not just for your own success, but the success of people around you.

Well, the boss tribe is going to refuse to buy in to this idea that leadership is apart of your career. Together, we are going to prove that leadership is your career. We are here to invest in ourselves and we are going to do it by investing time in learning and practicing the skills necessary to become the best leaders we can be. And guess what boss tribe? I promise this will be one of the greatest returns on your investment that you will ever see. Great leadership has no ceiling or expiration date because great leadership is still rare. When I learned that leadership was my job early in my career, I unlocked the key to growth that has allowed me to transition across technical expertise and industries. I also believe with every fiber of my being that leadership has been the foundational force to growing my career quickly. When you can bring people together to create amazing outcomes through leadership, everyone wins, including you.


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