Your network is the foundation on which you build your dreams.  I can say this without a flinch in my delivery. I can say with certainty that my network and the amazing teachers and leaders in it have opened my world to so much possibility. Every new job, every dream come true has been a result of my tribe. If I had to keep only one skill in my tool box moving forward, it would be my ability to build, maintain and leverage a network.

Most people believe that only the outgoing can build a great network because people are intertwining socializing with networking.  It is true that to build a network, one must be capable of human interaction. However, it is a myth that building a network requires you to be an extravert or the life of the party. Networking is not about big crowds of people or happy hours. It’s also not about having a large group of friends. Networking is about having people in your life that can teach you new skills, who inspire you to be better and who can help you grow into your goals.


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