This will be a different type of blog than our previous discussions on the weekly topic.  It would be inauthentic for me to write a blog that gives you all the tips and tricks of how I have mastered mental exhaustion. It would be inauthentic because mental exhaustion is the battle I fight every day. So, this post will be about our connective tissue of feeling mentally worn out and how to prevent the ripple of mentally exhausted decision making.

You know the feeling when you get plenty of sleep but still can’t motivate yourself to get out of the bed? Or how about when your mind is stuck in a loop on something that is happening in your life and you can’t, no matter how you try, stop thinking about that loop. Or how about those times when you have so much to do and despite knowing you need to get in motion, you stay stuck only to beat yourself up for not accomplishing anything. Most of us have experienced these moments. Some of us, experience them on a regular basis.


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