How often do you think about the shadow that you cast on others? For me, it’s convenient for me to forget because I am an emotional person who wears my heart on my sleeve. If I thinking about the shadow I cast on others, I have to take responsibility for managing the impact I may be having. I’ll be honest, managing my shadow’s impact can be really hard for me.

Maybe you can relate to me. Maybe you are overly transparent and share everything. Maybe you share nothing. Either way, this blog is still for you. Whether you are allowing your very transparent mood or feelings about something send signals that are different than your word or you have no words at all, you are casting a shadow on others. And the thing about shadows, they affect others. The other thing about shadows, they are hard to manage. They are this thin transparent layer of who we are that is going to be projected on to others no matter what. We can’t control whether or not we have a shadow or whether or not others are affected by it. All we can control is whether or not our shadow brings people into our positivity or negativity.


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