Just this week someone reminded me that when I get bored, getting me back in motion is really hard. If I don’t have my plate stacked tall, I tend to want nothing on it all. It times of boredom, I become indifferent to the things I need to accomplish in the day and maybe even a little indifferent to my passions about the routines of my day. Unmanaged, this trait in me could be a fatal flaw. It causes procrastination, missed deadlines and can hurt my brand. Managing this tendency to fall into indifference has been a focus my whole life and suspect it will need to continue to be.

The effects of my indifference are immediate and can be seen on any given day when I decide to stay in bed past my alarm. I go back to sleep after I have woken up, we can pretty much count me down for the day. Even if I get up with plenty of time to accomplish my to-do list or get to my afternoon meetings, the act of not listening to my body when it is ready to wake, often drives such laziness in me, I can’t get in motion for the rest of the day. Worse even, if I have a few days like this in a row, I am at risk of falling into a long period of low production and inefficiency. This is where it can get dangerous. Losing a day because I needed to sleep in is nothing to feel bad about. Losing my passion for a project I am working on or failing to finish something I started because I have become indifferent to it, is not acceptable to me.


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