Have you every really stopped and thought about the impact YOU are having on YOU? Sometimes it feels unfair that we can be so self damaging.  We are usually our own worst critics and we are the lawyer, judge and jury of our destiny. This reminder of your self impact probably made you flinch a bit because it is difficult to really embrace how much power we have in our lives. It is so much easier to believe everyone around is sabotaging us, holding us back or preventing us from accomplishing the things we want to.

Tribe, I have really tough news. There is not one other single person walking the planet that actually controls whether or not you achieve your goals. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON.  I know some of you want to jump through your computer or phone right now and slap me a good one. Trust me, writing that sentence was as hard for me as it is for you reading it. I would much prefer to live in a world where my failures and all the times I quit were because of someone other than me.  The truth is tough but it is the truth. At the end of the day, there is no circumstance under which someone else is responsible for us not achieving the things we want to achieve. Even when others have stacked every chip against us, only we can decide to quit. Only self sabotage can make the final decision to prevent forward progress. People can beat your dreams so badly that they end up on life support, but only WE, as the owner of that dream have the authority to take that dream off of life support. Only WE can kill our own dreams. Dreams cannot be murdered, they can only commit suicide.


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