Disclaimer: It’s a long one, but worth the read to the end.

Why are taking risks so scary? Why will we spend years and years doing what is comfortable even if it keeps us in one place? As you probably remember from our comfort zone detox and other topics, I credit risk taking for a lot of the successes in my career. What I haven’t shared is the personal side of this topic for myself. I think taking risks at work was easy for me because my personal life was as free from risk as is possible. I had a great partner who was my best friend, we had two amazing kids and we had a rhythm. He held down the fort and let me run for my dreams, which I did. We partnered on all things logistics, meal prep, appointments and travel schedules. We were a well-oiled, stable machine which became the basis of stability in my life which allowed me to take risks at work. Risk taking often requires sacrifice and the stability of my partnership at home allowed me to make the sacrifices of long hours, hard work, stressful moments and the fearful nights that come with risk taking.


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