I love talking intent. Setting my intention for the day, the week, the year and my life has been such a strong tool in my toolbox. If you are a “fix it” person like me, intent is necessary to slow us down before we jump into a situation or challenge and start to try and solve before we understand what we are solving for or why we are solving something at all.

If intent does nothing else, it helps me feel in control of my forward progress. If I am struggling with where I am today, setting intention helps me remember I can move myself to where I want to be. Intent also gives us something to focus on. Often, when we are standing still or stuck in a comfort zone it is because all the thoughts that cloud our space are preventing us from taking the first step. We often don’t know where to start. Setting intent gives us the first step and allows us to take on challenges one decision at a time without trying to boil the ocean.


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